Letter: Civic Pride - Let’s be proud of our vibrant city

Ripon Cathedral
Ripon Cathedral

Two letters in successive weeks (David Parnaby, September 10, and Kenn Hart, September 17) complaining about banners on the railings in front of Ripon Town Hall.

Do these people really want to turn Ripon into a cultural desert? Do they really want visitors and locals to think that nothing ever happens in Ripon?

We have complained to the council time and time again about the lack of places to publicise events in Ripon – but nothing has been done. The two notice boards in the market place are pathetically inadequate and badly managed.

We used to be able to hang banners over the street in High Skellgate, Westgate, North Street and Kirkgate – but no longer, because of “safety” issues.

We used to be able to put banners on the wooden hoarding by the Boroughbridge Road roundabout – but no longer, because the highways department think they are a distraction for motorists.

Travel to almost any town on the continent and you will find electronic notice boards, strategically placed at the entrances to the towns and in marketplaces, bus stations, shopping precincts, leisure centres, libraries, schools etc., advertising everything that is going on and showing everyone what the town has to offer.

Culturally and artistically, Ripon already punches way above its weight. There is no town or city of comparable size in the whole of the UK that can boast a choral society the size of Ripon’s or an orchestra of such quality as the St Cecilia Orchestra.

We should be proud of this and shouting about it from the rooftops. Such things can only be achieved with the support of the public – and we need the revenue from our audiences to survive.

So come on, Messrs Parnaby and Hart, stop complaining about petty little issues and start doing something positive to help make Ripon the lively, active, vibrant city we would all like to enjoy.

Xenophon Kelsey, MBE

Skell Bank,