Letter: Bilton Lane accident waiting to happen

Hazardous parking on Bilton Lane (s)
Hazardous parking on Bilton Lane (s)

Accident waiting to happen

Please see photo of the hazardous parking on Bilton Lane at the entrance to the new Bilton/Ripley cycle trail caused by vehicles transporting the cycles to then be offloaded, leaving the vehicles to await their return and although the existing car park could be extended the owners seem oblivious to the fact that the problem is caused initially by the cyclists.

The Bilton-Hall Lane Knaresborough walk has been used for many years by families and groups but as is clear from the cars parked on the footpath it is impossible to pass with or without a pushchair without taking to the middle of the road.

This is an accident waiting to happen plus of course apart from the hazard these vehicles are parked illegally.

F Walker

Bilton Park,