Wetherby MP goes to Washington for international discussions

Alec Shelbrooke MP with Prime Minister David Cameron
Alec Shelbrooke MP with Prime Minister David Cameron

The MP for Elmet and Rothwell, including Wetherby, has attended his first NATO Summit meeting after his appointment as a UK representative.

Alec Shelbrooke MP was appointed as a UK representative to the Parliamentary Assembly of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) by Prime Minister David Cameron.

But following his newly awarded responsibility in December last year, Alec has now attended his first NATO meeting in Washington DC.

Mr Shelbrooke said: "It's an absolute personal achievement, one of my big interests in politics is foreign affairs. No matter how far away they are it affects every single one of my constituents and the rest of the UK.

"It's a proud thing and I felt very honoured. It's a real sense of doing something important."

At the meeting Mr Shelbrooke was involved in discussions over a number of international issues including defence spending, expanding ally partnerships, developing security efforts in southern Europe and ensuring a clear strong unity towards Russia.

Alongside his role now as a NATO UK representative, Mr Shelbrooke is also a member of the European Scrutiny Committee and a Parliamentary Private Secretary for the Foreign Office.

Foe Mr Shelbrooke, the 'exciting and challenging' role has considerably added to his workload but is proving to be exactly what he hoped it would be.

He said: "I really enjoyed going because it was exactly what I hoped it would be, it was high level discussions about international security and defences so it's what I'm really interested in.

"It's what people talk about, they want stability and security so it is trying to make sure that their lives aren't under threat but they also want economic security.

"There is a burden of responsibility that you are taking into these meetings."