Wetherby Mayor calls for ban on HGVs driving through town

NAWN 1409084AM1 Mayor with road signs.  The Mayor of Wetherby Cllr. Harry Chapman with the new confusing signs.(1409084AM1)
NAWN 1409084AM1 Mayor with road signs. The Mayor of Wetherby Cllr. Harry Chapman with the new confusing signs.(1409084AM1)

The Mayor of Wetherby is calling for a ban on heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) driving through Wetherby.

There is already a ban in place on Deighton Road, put into force by Leeds City Council (LCC) after a proposal was put forward by the town council around two months ago.

However, the Mayor of Wetherby Coun Harry Chapman said this isn’t fixing the problems of disruption and noise the people of the town are having to put up with.

“We have an awful lot of lorries parking on Sandbeck Industrial Estate instead of the motorway,” he said.

“There are bungalows on Sandbeck Lane and some park there, and the only way off there is down Deighton Road.

“The idea was that if we had a ban on Deighton Road we would stop them, but it hasn’t made any difference at all.

“We should make a complete ban on the town. There is no need for them to come through Wetherby now we have a ring road. They don’t have to go where people live.”

Coun Chapman said the issue of HGVs comes up at every town council meeting and that he is personally ‘on top of this one and quite annoyed about it’ as a problem people living in Wetherby face on a fairly regular basis.

“I think a blanket ban is necessary for several reasons,” he said.

“One is, do we want 40 tonne lorries going over our bridge on the river which is over 1,000 years old?

“The streets are very narrow, and we have training vehicles thinking it is a great idea to come through Wetherby because it is a little town stupid enough to let them.

“We have a ring road now by the motorway, but when they see the ban on Deighton Road they just turn right down Sandbeck Lane. They then break the law and go down a road they can’t go down.

“I just can’t understand why they didn’t extend it further. It doesn’t make sense.”

John Revis of Revis Transport Ltd based in Tockwith said overall the idea of a blanket ban is a good one, however he did express some concern about the impact on parking.

“There is a good parking area that brings a lot of income into the town with drivers staying overnight, so where are they going to park if there is a ban?” He said.

“It won’t affect my business, but for my fellow hauliers I think safe parking places are few and far between in this country, and what harm does parking on Sandbeck Industrial Estate do?

“I think it needs to be clearly defined what streets will be affected by the ban.”

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