The Week in the Life column with Keith Tordoff

On Tuesday I went to York racecourse along with Father Mike Walsh, Tim Ledbetter and Kirsty Shepherd. The car journey to the race course was pure car comedy with Father Mike telling us jokes for most of the journey. I am sure many of you will have heard of car karaoke, well possibly that is a new idea for a television programme.

Friday, 14th September 2018, 11:27 am
Kirsty Shepherd, myself, Father Mike Walsh and Tim Ledbetter celebrate the In Bloom golds success.

Anyway back to York racecourse where we were attending the Yorkshire in Bloom awards ceremony.

This was a big day when we would find out if the months of hard work on projects around Pateley Bridge had paid off.

We were already winners in the sense.

Pateley Bridge looked so good from the work that had been carried out by so many people from the community.

The Yorkshire in Bloom awards were the moment to find out if the hard work had been officially recognised by the judges.

Gold, gold, gold – yes three gold awards for Pateley Bridge. The third gold was for Pateley Bridge winning the title of best overall village in Yorkshire

What an achievement and we were ecstatic with the announcement of the result in the packed venue.

For Pateley Bridge to win the title of best village in the Yorkshire in Bloom competition is quite some accolade. As chair of the Pateley Bridge in Bloom group I could not have been more proud and would like to thank everyone from the community who made this result possible.

Congratulations also to Bewerley who were awarded gold in their category, and in a separate category Fish Pond Woods received platinum.

During the awards we had been sat on a table with staff from York racecourse including the head groundsman Adrian Kay who had been kept amused by the jokes he was being told by Father Mike.

Adrian very kindly, after the awards, took us on to the racecourse where we had photos taken of our group crossing the winning line and also on the winners podium.

Well Pateley Bridge had certainly crossed the winners line in the awards that day and not just by a head. The judges had awarded Pateley Bridge 93 points out of a possible 100 which is an Incredible result.

Best High Street in the country, best in Bloom village in Yorkshire – Pateley Bridge is simply the best and the jewel in the crown of Yorkshire.

To use a pun we are not resting on our ‘laurels’ and the hard work of the Pateley Bridge in Bloom group continues.

The success of Pateley Bridge in the Yorkshire in bloom competition this year will be showcased on national television.

The Pateley Bridge in bloom group were filmed throughout the year to feature on the BBC TV programme Britain in Bloom which will be on our televisions in February next year.

I think there ought to be a reality TV show about Pateley Bridge as there is so much going on – ‘The Only Way is Pateley’.

I may jest but watch this space as I am having screen tests next week with a TV production company who are based in this country and America.

I am delighted to say that at 12 o’clock on Sunday I have been asked to officially open the Simone gallery on Pateley Bridge High Street.

On the day, as well as showcasing artwork by renowned Yorkshire artists, it is an opportunity to support Dementia Forward.

Please come along to enjoy some wine and nibbles while supporting everything that is good about Pateley Bridge and Yorkshire.