Volunteers sought to help spruce up Ripon

Graffiti sprayed on the walls of a ginnel in Ripon.
Graffiti sprayed on the walls of a ginnel in Ripon.

A Ripon Facebook group is inviting volunteers to help clean up two of the city’s ginnels in an attempt to make the routes into the centre more appealing for residents and visitors.

The group, known as Blow Your Horn, will scrub, tidy, paint and garden the alleyways, off Booths’ car park, on Sunday, September 6, as well as install signage pointing tourists towards the city centre.

It is hoped the event will lead to further ‘Clean up the Ginnels’ days.

Co-ordinator Sally Tweddle said: “There is plenty of litter left around the city but the ginnels from Booths’ car park into town also paint a sorry picture of Ripon with litter, graffiti, flooding and overgrown bushes – all making it uninviting to walk down, which is why they are being tackled first.”

The group is appealing for volunteers who can spare time to help spruce up the ginnels and would also welcome any support from local businesses.

Sally said: “Things we need include, paint brushes, exterior wood stain, bags of compost, pots and plants and the use of a trailer or van to help transport things to the tip on the day. We would also be really grateful for people with building experience to help rebuild parts of a small garden wall and a donation of some mortar and a few stone flags would be gratefully received.”

Community organisation The Joshua Project has already donated some exterior masonry paint and has put forward volunteers. Businesses who have offered their support so far also include Costa Coffee, Oliver’s Pantry, M&Co, Booths and Cascade Garden Centre, which has offered to supply some hardy plants for the garden area.

Sally added: “I think Ripon residents are all incredibly proud of our city and we just want it to look tidier and more welcoming then maybe more people would talk about us and we’d get more visitors to this beautiful area.

“The thinking is if we can just make a start on this then if, in the future, funding becomes available for bigger and better projects to improve Ripon, at least the funders can see we have a community of dedicated residents who genuinely want to see change and are willing to roll up their sleeves and help.”

To volunteer on the day just turn up in Booths’ car park in old clothing or overalls, from 10.30am onwards, with gloves and a spade, fork or secateurs.

Business owners who can offer any materials or can help in any other way can contact Sally by emailing sally.tweddle@gmail.com. For more details visit the Blow your Horn Ripon Facebook page.