Vandals carve unsettling message into green at Ripon City Golf Club

Vandals carved an unsettling message into a green at Ripon City Golf Club on Friday, ordering people to "stop cutting down trees" despite the club's existing policies to protect the environment.

Monday, 8th January 2018, 3:20 pm
Updated Monday, 8th January 2018, 3:25 pm
Ripon City Golf Club was targeted by vandalism on Friday.

A branch was used to create the damage in letters too big for one photograph.

Manager Neil Ramsay, said the vandalism is upsetting and does not reflect the club's green conscience.

Mr Ramsay said: "We are always conscious of the environment and the balance between running a golf course and the environment.

"Ripon City Golf Club operates a controlled and balanced policy to ensure that both local wildlife and flora flourish on our golf course. Our tree policy encourages the growth of healthy species whilst minimising the spread of fungi and bacteria.

"Some ill-sited and diseased trees have been removed, which is being balanced by a major tree planting policy being implemented over the next couple of years."