Updated: Harrogate potholes nightmare - more readers complain

Potholes in the Harlow Hill area. (Picture by Geoff Runcorn)
Potholes in the Harlow Hill area. (Picture by Geoff Runcorn)

There may be a warning on the BBC news this morning that there is a pothole problem in England and Wales requiring billions of pounds to address it but readers in the Harrogate district need no reminders.

The issue was highlighted first by Geoff Runcorn of Harlow Grange in Harrogate who told the Harrogate Advertiser: "I am incensed at the condition of the roads on the no 6 Bus route particularly Beckwith Road on the outskirts of Harrogate.
"The no 6 bus route to Harlow Hill serves four local schools and is widely used by commuters, school children and cyclists.
"My point is this: where has the money gone that was supposed to rectify pot holes and provide resurfacing for the worst roads?
"Surely it is hard to imagine a road in worse condition than Beckwith Road.
"As a motorist, walker and grandfather I am deeply upset by the lack of maintenance to our roads and the danger that this imposes to old and young alike let alone the cost of repairs to vehicles and bicycles.
"Public money should be used to put this situation right as quickly as possible."

Potholes near Rossett School in Harrogate. (Picture by Joe T of Arthurs Avenue in Harrogate)

Potholes near Rossett School in Harrogate. (Picture by Joe T of Arthurs Avenue in Harrogate)

Then Joe T of Arthurs Avenue in Harrogate got in touch saying:
"I have been highlighting to NYCC over the last year a number of pot holes and iIcan only think of one that has actually been rectified, all the others are labelled on the reporting website as not being bad enough to be fixed.
"As a commuter I regularly travel north on the A61. Anyone who travels this route will be more than familiar with the pot holes, the sunken sections of road and the exposed metal work which every driver tried to avoid, almost daily you can see new defects appearing in the road.
"Not only is the pace of repairs slow but the quality of the workmanship for the repairs is substandard too, a recent example is on Swan Road where there was a section of road that had collapsed, they have installed new tarmac, but this is not level with the existing highway so we have now gained a speed bump unintentionally.
"When looking around the edge there is no seal between the new tarmac and the old tarmac so within six months the tarmac will start to disintegrate again. This unfortunately is a common sight across our town."
"I have enclosed some photographs of Otley Road and outside Rossett Acre Primary School. The council's response to both of these areas was that they are not yet damaged enough for repair.
"I am sure you will agree with me that the carriageway condition is totally unacceptable, especially when there are a large number or road uses such as parents for the schools, and pupils who cycle to school along this road.
"As a town that is attempting to reduce congestion is it no wonder there are a lack of cyclists when the roads are in such a dangerous condition.

Then Geoff Runcorn of Harlow Grange got back in touch again: "I regularly do the school run to Harrogate Grammar school for one of my granddaughters and Pannal Primary for my grandson.
"Our daughter also teaches at Ashville College so I am very familiar with the condition of the roads in the local area.
"Beckwith Road and Arthurs Avenue are in my estimation in the worst condition and have deteriorated badly over the last three years with practically no maintenance, and yet as I say, Beckwith Road is a bus route and a major feeder road to the four schools in the area as well as the Cardale Business Park."