Tropical storm Henri to bring wind and rain to Yorkshire

Wednesday's weather map. Image: Met Office
Wednesday's weather map. Image: Met Office

Tropical Storm Henri is bearing down on the UK, and is set to sweep across Yorkshire on Wednesday.

Although the storm will have lost some of its power by the time it reaches the north, it will still deliver gale force winds and torrential rain.

The remnants of Henri are expected to reach the South West of the UK in the early hours of Wednesday, before moving northeast across the country before turning brighter and calmer from the south during Thursday.

Temperatures shouldn’t get above 16°C.

Motorists are being warned that the wet and windy weather will make driving conditions hazardous.

The storm system formed east of Bermuda last Wednesday (9 September), and was upgraded from a Tropical Depression to a Tropical Storm the following day.

A weather system is classed as a Tropical Storm when it has one minute sustained wind speeds of 39-72 mph and 10 minute sustained wind speeds of 35-63 mph.

The next step up from a Tropical Storm in terms of tropical cyclone classification is a Category 1 Hurricane.