WEB VOTE: Subsidy cuts for Ripon buses

Ripon bus service  131. (1308192AM5)
Ripon bus service 131. (1308192AM5)

This week, the Gazette reported on North Yorkshire County Council’s proposals to withdraw its subsidies for the 131, 132 and 134 bus services which serve the Lark Lane, Gallows Hill and Lead Lane areas.

The local authority is aiming to cut £1.1m in bus subsidies across the county. It currently spends £4.4m a year subsidising the 20 per cent of bus journeys in North Yorkshire which are not commercially viable for private companies to operate unsupported.

North Yorkshire County Council is committed to saving £92m in the four financial years ending March 31, 2015, and further savings estimated at £66m between 2015-19.

A petition has already been launched in Ripon by five councillors – Couns Peter Horton, Andre Williams, Charlie Powell, Sid Hawke and Pauline McHardy – to keep the subsidies and save the service.

The county council’s executive member for transport, Coun Chris Metcalfe, said: “We know bus services are a lifeline for many people – not everyone has access to car.

“However, we have huge financial pressures and we have to reduce our expenditure across the board.”

– As the county council battles to bring down its expenditure, do you think Ripon’s bus services are a legitimate target for cuts? Vote now.