WEB VOTE: Gritting of our area’s roads

Are you happy with the level of gritting on our roads this week?
Are you happy with the level of gritting on our roads this week?

This week, we have seen the first snow of winter to test the resources of North Yorkshire County Council – the authority responsible for the gritting of our roads.

Some readers have contacted the Gazette to say they have been concerned about a lack of gritting in Ripon on Monday (January 21), and in outlying villages and towns.

In our newspaper published January 24, commenting about gritting across the county, a spokesman for North Yorkshire County Council said: “The gritting team was out constantly on Monday right across the county – there was nowhere that did not get gritted.

“The snow was coming down constantly on Monday so it was hard to be everywhere all the time.”

Bearing in mind the large area the county council has to cover and the tightening of budgets the council faces, how well do you think gritting was done in Ripon city and surrounding areas?

This is an issue we are keen to follow up in later editions, so we would really appreciate it if as well as casting your vote, you logged in and left some comments below this article so we can gauge opinion from across the Ripon area.

If you do comment, please indicate which particular area you are commenting on.

Please also feel free to send us a letter on the subject to: news@ripongazette.co.uk