POLL: Potholes on Ripon roads

Pothole on a Ripon road
Pothole on a Ripon road
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After the success of Ripon’s Olympic torch celebrations several readers contacted the Gazette about the state of road surfaces around the city.

“May I take this opportunity to thank the Olympic Committee for managing to get North Yorkshire County Council to partly resurface Mallorie Park Drive,” wrote RD Jackson of Ashbank Road.

“Could it be organised for the same team to visit Kirkby Road, and inspect the new swimming pool that is developing just past Trinity Church?” he added.

Ripon resident Phil Moorhouse agreed. He wrote: “Unfortunately I do not live on the Olympic Torch route and have not had the luxury of the holes repaired on my journey to work and back.

“Like many others I have paid my road tax, council tax, tax on tax and more tax, yet still have to put up with sub standard roads.”

What do you think? Have road surface in Ripon got worse over recent months and years? Do they cause you problems?

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