POLL: Council tax revolt over potholes

David Parkin of Cedar Close. (1306112AM1)
David Parkin of Cedar Close. (1306112AM1)

Last week we reported how homeowners on Cedar Close have threatened to stop paying their council tax over the state of the street’s potholes.

But this week it has been revealed residents’ threats have fallen on deaf ears, as the council dismissed Cedar Close as a “low priority” road.

James Malcolm, North Yorkshire County Council’s highways area manager, told Cedar Close resident David Parkin at a county council area committee meeting on Thursday, June 6: “Ceder Close is a low category road with minor defects. Most of our funding is used for essential repairs.”

Despite Mr Malcolm’s dismissal, Mr Parkin told the Gazette he is more defiant than ever to ensure residents’ pothole grievances are heard.

“I’ll give them a couple of months and see what happens, and if nothing happens, I’ll stop paying,” he said.

One Cedar Close resident, Mike Contek, 28, said: “We pay our taxes like everyone else. Why should we be treated differently? Why should we have to pay our council tax when nothing’s being done?”

So we are asking you – would Ripon tax payers be morally justified withholding their council tax payments if services are not being provided by the local authority?

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