‘Messy’ bus station gets spruced up

Tony Daggett in Ripon bus station. (130619M7)
Tony Daggett in Ripon bus station. (130619M7)

Ripon bus station has been cleaned up after bus company bosses admitted the place needed a “tidy up” and is “not in the best condition”.

Transdev bus service – which is responsible for the upkeep of the station – employed a new cleaning contractor on Tuesday, June 9 after receiving a number of complaints from commuters on the 36 bus from Leeds to Ripon, via Harrogate, about the state of the city’s bus station.

One unhappy Ripon resident told the Gazette the area was an eyesore, putting off tourists and creating an unpleasant experience for bus riders.

“There’s litter and broken glass everywhere,” retired local government worker Tony Daggett said.

“People are always going to throw down litter but if the station were cleaned regularly, it wouldn’t be so much of a problem.”

Mr Daggett, 75, added: “If it were cleaned more, people would respect it more.

“We are meant to be a tourist destination but nobody wants to be coming in on the bus and seeing that mess.”

A Transdev spokesman admitted the station’s “tidiness has lapsed a bit” – but that the bus company is aware of the problems.

“We had a number of comments from people who ride the 36 bus about the untidy condition of Ripon bus station,” a Transdev spokesman said.

“We sent a director down straight away and he found a number of aspects of cleanliness he wasn’t happy with and took some pictures.

“We did an initial clean-up and will go back again next week.”

Transdev will review the cleaning regime of the bus station, which is usually tidied up twice a week.

And Mr Daggett welcomed the news, saying: “I would expect someone to come on a regular basis and make sure the place looks appealing to visitors and residents.”