Harrogate teenager escapes horror motorcycle crash with minor injuries

A teenage motorcyclist was left with multiple injuries after being thrown off her bike during a car crash in Harrogate on Friday evening.

Monday, 14th March 2016, 2:19 pm
Updated Monday, 14th March 2016, 3:21 pm
Lauren Trott on her first scooter (s)

Lauren Trott was riding her scooter down Cold Bath Road at around 7.20pm on Friday (March 11), when she was struck by a Vauxhall Corsa pulling out of Glebe Avenue. 

The 17-year-old was thrown off her bike onto the road as the scooter crashed down on top of her, crushing her leg underneath. 

A passing nurse quickly came to Lauren’s help, stabilising her neck before paramedics cut her out of her jacket and trousers to treat her at the roadside.

She was then taken to Harrogate District Hospital with neck, shoulder and hip injuries. X-rays revealed Lauren had not broken any bones and was released from hospital later that evening. 

Lauren’s father, Scott Lambert, said he was ‘incredibly relieved’ that his daughter was not badly hurt in the crash and thanked local residents for their help at the scene.

He said: “Lauren was very lucky not to come away with any serious injuries. The paramedics said if she wasn’t wearing all her gear she wouldn’t have stood a chance.

“I want to thank anyone who helped Lauren both at the roadside and on Facebook who have offered to donate clothing after hers was cut off by the paramedics. 

Her father paid tribute to helpful locals (s)

“The police, paramedics and the hospital were outstanding with her and kept her as calm as possible during a very scary time.

“The bike community of Harrogate has also been amazing. They’ve offered her a jacket, trousers and gloves to help her get back on the road.

“One biker has even offered to chaperone her on a ride to build her confidence back up.”

Lauren bought her first bike 13 months ago before saving up and paying for an upgraded to a 125cc scooter at Christmas. 

X-rays showed Lauren's injuries were minor (s)

Despite the crash, Lauren is hoping for a quick return to the roads with her dad has urging local motorists to look twice for bikes.

Lauren practicing on her first scooter (s)
Her father paid tribute to helpful locals (s)
X-rays showed Lauren's injuries were minor (s)
Lauren practicing on her first scooter (s)