Top arts writer (& artist!) in Harrogate this weekend

BBC broadcaster Jonathan Meades whose latest exhibition of artwork is launched at a Harrogate gallery this weekend.

There aren’t many cultural commentators in the same rank as top musicians or artists but one of the rare few is coming to Harrogate this weekend.

The figure in question is also an artist, which explains why renowned writer, journalist and essayist Jonathan Meades will be at the 108 Fine Art gallery this Saturday for the launch of After Medication: Random Treyfs and Artknacks - possibly in his trademark dark shades and loosely-tied neck scarf.

These works on canvas and paper by the provocative and witty former journlist with The Times follow his successful show Ape Forgets Medication held last year at the Londonewcastle Gallery in London.

That rareist of British phenomena - a critic lacking the usual snobbery towards Le Corbusier and concrete and unafraid of the modern world, it’s fair to say Meades is something of a renaissance man.

As well as his colourful artworks full of fuzz and splodge such as Wet Fur Froze, Pignight: The Screenplay and Fast Claudine At Castellane, Meades has written and performed in 60 TV films on a wide and unusual range of subjects such as shacks, garden cities, and buildings associated with vertigo.

A former recipient of the Best Food Journalist in the Glenfiddich Awards, his most recent book, The Plagiarist In The Kitchen, was described by the Financial Times as ‘the year’s best cookbook.”

But Meades is probably best known for his documentaries on BBC 4 about the architecture of Hitler, Stalin and, most recently, Mussolini.

A retrospective of his films was staged earlier this year at The Whitechapel Gallery and the National Film Theatre and he’s just finished a new film Matrix Hubbing Performative Pain Badgers about jargon and slang, set for transmission on BBC4 next year.

Jonathan Meades’ After Medication: Random Treyfs and Artknacks runs to November 4.

108 Fine Art is located on 16 Cold Bath Road and has been exhibiting and promoting new and established visual artists since first opening in 1997.

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