The Ripon Mayor’s column with Pauline McHardy

It was an honour to present the cups and trophies at the Allotment Society Annual Show.
It was an honour to present the cups and trophies at the Allotment Society Annual Show.

It was a very exciting evening meeting with the new Hornblowing team prior to the press release. Allison Clark and Richard Midgeley are very much looking forward to starting their duties.

Wayne Cobbett and Jim Vauvert have done a sterling job covering the vacant post, continuing our wonderful and historic tradition that so many people enjoy.

Saturday 9 September: The Deputy Mayor Charlie Powell and I went to the Spa Park for the ‘Ripon By The Sea’ event. After a wet morning the sun came out and it was quite hot. Geoffrey Johnson, the Mayors Serjeant, had to move into the shade as the sun was burning his head, I did offer him the use of my hat but he declined the offer. I wondered why! I was pleased to see that people hadn’t let the doubtful weather put them off attending the event. The children were very excited and involved when watching the Punch and Judy show.

The two donkeys were wonderful, one of them is 20 years old.

The owner had tried to retire the donkey but he told me that when the other donkeys were getting ready to go to events he made such a big fuss because he wanted to go with them they had to let him go too.

Tim Jones took us round the many stalls, it was good to see the charity stalls there too. The amount of work that goes in to organising an event like this is immense. This was done by the Festivals Committee which works very hard to provide events and entertainment for the community.

We enjoyed chatting to Tim Jones about the festivals. The committee members would appreciate and welcome any new volunteers who would care to join them to become involved in helping and maybe have other ideas for other events.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer contact Tim Jones on 01765 605589. I know he will be very pleased to hear form you.

Sunday 10 September: Charlie Powell and I attended the Allotment Society’s Annual Show at the race course. We were met and shown around by Roger Satariano.

My goodness what wonderful exhibits were entered in this show. It must have been very hard to judge them. I am very pleased that I would never have to undertake such a task. I particularly enjoyed the children’s section where they had created their own miniature gardens and a section where they had arranged flowers in sand. These were very creative and colourful and I am sure their parents must have been very proud of what their children had achieved.

It’s good to see children being involved and competitive and I am sure it’s a step in the right direction, leading them into the world of gardening.

Malcom Hutchinson had organised the show and what an amazing job he had done. He was thanked by everyone who had attended the event. Charlie and I were honoured to be asked to help give out the many cups and awards to the winners of the various categories. One award went to the heaviest marrow – it was a whopper, weighing in at 37 1⁄2 lbs.

This Saturday (16 September), Eamon Parkin will be holding an afternoon tea from 2pm until 5pm, with bingo and other forms of entertainment at the Magdalenes Pub in Ripon. He is holding this event to raise funds for my charities for the year which are Community Link and Ohana, both of which are very worthy charities.

I do hope you will go along and help to support his fund raising effort. Thank you so much Eamon, I hope it goes well and people who attend enjoy themselves.