The Ripon Mayor’s column with Pauline McHardy

Charlie and I had an enjoyable time at the Lister House Summer Fete.
Charlie and I had an enjoyable time at the Lister House Summer Fete.

Sunday 2 July – I attended the St Peter the Apostle Sung Eucharist service at the Cathedral. This was a wonderful service where the congregation was welcomed by Dean John.

The Venerable Peter Townley, Archdeacon of Pontefract, delivered the poignant and interesting sermon.

The choir sang beautifully as usual.

I always enjoy the part where the children present to the congregation the work they have been doing and what they have learned.

On this particular Sunday they had made a table cloth and set eating places forming the crucifix depicting the last supper, they were obviously very pleased with their efforts and so were the congregation.

The Reverend Catalin Charmichael-Davis was welcomed and applauded as our new deacon after taking her vows.

The congregation always enjoy taking refreshments and chatting with old friends and indeed making new ones after the service.

Wednesday 5 July – The deputy mayor Cllr Charlie Powell and I attended the Graduation Ceremony at The Outwood Academy in Ripon. It was wonderful to see the students in their caps and gowns, and it was an honour to hand each and every one of them their graduation scrolls.

The parents, grand parents, carers and families were purring with pride as they saw their own child coming onto the stage so dignified to collect their scrolls.

They weren’t the only ones that were proud of them – so were the teachers and staff. A very well done to them all.

Thursday 6 July – This was the day of the Grammar School sports day. The time of the sports was brought forward due to a very poor weather forecast, but luckily it was a glorious afternoon, but made it exhausting for the competitors.

Charlie and I watched with great interest as the athletes competed, and they were cheered along enthusiastically by friends and colleagues who were in the same houses as the students competing.

It was so easy to become involved in the excitement. Some of the students sat and talked with Charlie and I which we enjoyed very much, we hope they did too. When the sports had finished and the scores had come in, I presented the trophies to the winning houses and if any ex students of the Grammar School are reading this diary, Porteous won all the trophies.

Saturday 8 July – Charlie and I were invited to the Lister House Summer Fete.

We were warmly welcomed by Wendy Bromwich. Many, many people attended and supported the event helping them to raise much needed funds.

It was a beautiful afternoon and it was wonderful to see the residents sat out side, most of them with sun hats on. They were obviously enjoying the entertainment and chatting with people. Wendy introduced us to some bikers who told me they were often referred to as the Hooligans.

We discovered through talking to them, they are all ex service men except one who is still serving at Catterick. Wendy informed us that these gentlemen are a great support for Lister House. It was delightful to see one of our ex mayors, Connie Birkinshaw who is now a resident at Lister House. It was a wonderful friendly event and both Charlie and I enjoyed it very much indeed.

We must congratulate the staff and volunteers, for all the hard work they put in to making this such a successful afternoon, and I hope they raised a great deal of funds, they deserve to.