The Boroughbridge Mayor’s column with Peter Phillips

A mature hedge near the public right of way on the lane to the Marina has been cut down.
A mature hedge near the public right of way on the lane to the Marina has been cut down.

Last week I attended the Boroughbridge Area Safer Neighbourhood Group meeting in the Jubilee Room above the library. It was a packed agenda as there had not been one for quite some time. I was pleased to see a very good attendance.

Anti social behaviour was high on most people’s agenda, with the police giving a very good explanation as to progress.

Several of the young people were under supervision and other agencies were to be called in to help resolve some of the issues.

However it was pointed out by the police that the public were not reporting incidents as they happened.

For the police to act they need the information as quickly as possible.

So they asked me once again to stress the importance of phoning in any incidents of intimidation, and anti-social behaviour, in fact anything that looks suspicious.

Please let’s help them to help us.

As the new HGV restrictions are about to be implemented it was agreed to set up a task force to plans how these restrictions should be enforced.

I agreed to set up and chair that group with other councillors across the area and of course the police.

Our crime figures remain fairly static and although generally rural crime is on the increase by about 7% we appeared to be below that figure.

However it was agreed that farm watch need to be re-energised and the newly set up community messaging service needed to be improved.

The meeting ended with reports from 6th Regiment at Dishforth camp.

Good to hear they are all now moved across from Germany and looking forward to integrating further into the local community. We also heard from the Fire and Rescue Service.

I was pleased to hear how they now carry out vital social and welfare work in the community whilst carrying out their day to day tasks.

Our next scheduled meeting is set for February 2018.

A couple of weeks ago Pauline and I attended a summer fair at the Tancred Hall care home just outside Boroughbridge.

The new owners were keen to tell us of their plans to rejuvenate the home, to give exceptional care to those most vulnerable in our community.

We hope to be invited back to see the improvements made.

On Saturday I was quite disturbed to see workmen feverishly chopping down hedgerows and mature bushes on the lane leading down to the Marina, leaving some gardens on Arrows Terrace somewhat exposed.

I was disappointed to find out that none of the residents had been informed and that some parts of the hedge had in my view been cut down unnecessarily.

The environmental impact looked quite severe. I have asked Linden Homes for some explanation.

One last note, nominations for my community award scheme are starting to roll in.

Forms are on the council website, or visit Bailey’s, Pybus, Council Office or the Library.