Tea-rrific reward for Tad one cup wonders

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A Tadcaster schoolteacher who created a global hit on YouTube has been given a very special early Christmas present.

The parody of worldwide hit Gangman Style, by Tadcaster Grammar School staff, has become an overnight sensation after it was placed on the video-sharing website last month.

Now, the English teacher behind the sensation, Adam Dawson, has received a surprise package of Tad Gram Tea - a special handmade box of tea from Taylor’s of Harrogate.

The Yorkshire Tea, which is shown in the video, has been sent to the teacher to show their appreciation for the exposure of their product.

Mr Dawson said: “It was a lovely surprise to receive such an unexpected and special gift, a real treasure to keep, which will remind me of all the wonderful madness that has been Tad Gram Style.”

The box has now been placed alongside other memorabilia connected with Tad Gram Style at the school, Adam said.

Dom Dwight, brand communications manager for Taylor’s, said the company were pleased the school liked the product but would not be making any more boxes.

“Sadly we can’t do more than one as they are handmade by our small in-house design team. Also, we like to keep them as one-offs to ensure they stay special,” he said.

The ‘Tad Gram’ style video has now been viewed more than times 200,000 times on YouTube and has raised almost £5,000 for charity on its Just Giving page.

Mr Dawson said he had been hoped that the song, which is raising money for Children in Need, may have been released as a single, but he has now been told that all adaptations of the hit have been embargoed.

The teacher has also been approached by the record company Universal to take the video off the web but says he is trying to negotiate with them.

“It is really disappointing. It has done so well and raised a lot of money for Children in Need and has been good publicity for them.

“It’s a shame that we cannot continue that and release it as a single in its own right.”