Swimmer at a Yorkshire lake thanks the extraordinary volunteers who rescued her

The UWFRA rescuing Emma Hammond. Picture: Iain Geldard.
The UWFRA rescuing Emma Hammond. Picture: Iain Geldard.

A swimmer at Eavestone Lake has thanked the team who rescued her, after she tore calf muscle during a sprint.

In awe of the volunteer-run Upper Wharfedale Fell Rescue Association (UWFRA), Emma Hammond from Glasshouses said she will be eternally grateful for their speedy response and kindness in rescuing her from a very narrow and difficult to access path after she decided to go for a post-swim sprint on October 29.

Called out by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service to help, with the path some distance from the road, the UWFRA splinted Emma's leg, then safely carried her on a stretcher to the waiting ambulance.

Emma said: "Thank you to these wonderful men who gave up their Sunday to get me off the lakeside under hard conditions - up steep banking, over fences and fields and into the ambulance. They are all volunteers and just wonderful men.

"I was quite a way away from the road, and they were all being extra careful and chatting to me all the way to the ambulance. They reassured me and kept me in good spirits, making me laugh along the way. They were all so kind and patient."

UWFRA controller Martin Renton, said: "We did all we could to reassure her and get her to the ambulance. We always do our best to get there as soon as possible and do whatever we can to help."