Sports day is blessed with glorious sunshine

THE sun shone for Fearby and Healey District Sports Day, held on a glorious afternoon on the village green at Fearby.

The event began with chairman Bob Prisk calling a minute’s silence in remembrance of Ron Nicholson, a founder member of the sports committee, who died in May.

The afternoon then got off to a flying start with the judging of the very popular children’s fancy dress competition. This was followed by sports on the green and the opening of the produce show. The day was rounded off with a barbecue and disco, for those with some energy still to burn off!

Joint winners of the Ron Nicholson Trophy for most points in thre sports were Finlay Metcalfe and Paige Mason. The McCourt Cup for the tug of war between Masham Young Farmers and the sports committee was won this year by the sports committee. Lilly Hope won the trophy for the most outstanding children’s exhibit. with Hannah Gregg runner-up.


Children’s Fancy Dress.- Under three: 1 Ted Goodrick, 2 Millie Beale, 3 Zac and Verity Marsden. Under five: 1 Archie Beale. Age five - seven: 1 Tamsin Nicklas and Jude Greensit, 2 Jake Shaw, 3 Matthew Hunter. Age eight -10: 1 Ebony Chaplin, 2 Oliver Metcalfe. Age 11 and over: 1 Amelia Living, 2 Paige Mason.

Children’s Produce – Handwriting, under six: 1 Aiden Connell, 2 Theo Currie, 3 Rhiannah McCourt. Handwriting, six - eight: 1 Tamsin Nicklas, 2 Zoe Verity, 3 Millie Currie. Handwriting, nine - 11: 1 Alice Verity, 2 Ellis Conder, 3 Richard Severs. Handwriting, 12-16: 1 Victoria Verity, 2 Hannah Duffield, 3 Lorna Rogers. Picture of farm animal: 1 Patrick Davies, 2 Aiden Connell, 3 Chloe Barker. Painted paper plate: 1 Lilly Hope, 2 Zoe Verity, 3 Ebony Chaplin. Painted stone: 1 Lilly Hope, 2 Evie Rogers, 3 Alice Verity. Party invitation: 1 Lorna Rogers, 2 Victoria Verity, 3 Josie Verity. Fruit and veg scarecrow: 1 Alice Verity, 2 Zoe Verity, 3 Lucy Caygill Yates. Re-cycled handicraft: 1 Ellis Conder, 2 Josie Verity. Biscuits: 1 Richard Severs, 2 Evie Rogers, 3 Alice Verity. Chocolate cake: 1 Hannah Gregg, 2 Lorna Rogers, 3 Josie Verity

Adult Classes – Ginger cake: 1 Pat Everest, 2 Judy Gregg, 3 Jennifer Stansfield. Tray bake: 1 Judy Gregg, 2 Leslie Marsden, 3 Jennifer Stansfield. Fruit scones: 1 Jennifer Stansfield, 2 Wendy Bain, 3 Laura McCarthy. Jar of chutney: 1 Jennifer Stansfield, 2 Shelley Nicklas. Photograph: 1 Victoria Verity, 2 Mary Mason, 3 Celia Wright. Flower arrangement: 1 Pauline Binnington, 2 Mary-Jane Binnington, 3 Sylvia Binnington. Picture: 1 Pat Everest, 2 Valerie Flather, 3 Robert Blades. Old piece of copper: 1 Sylvia Binnington, 2 Leslie Marsden, 3 Pat Everest. Rock cakes: 1 Brian Gregg, 2 Richard Severs. Eggs: 1 Laura McCarthy, 2 Peter Binnington, 3 Mrs M Binnington.