Sixteen are caught kerb crawling

SIXTEEN men from Harrogate were caught kerb crawling after a police clampdown to combat prostitution.

The sixteen were among 150 men arrested in relation to kerb crawling in Chapeltown, Leeds.

All have been convicted and fined at Leeds Magistrates in the last three months, as part of a crackdown launched by a new police team in Chapeltown.

Chapeltown Police Crime Manager, DCI Liam Macnamara said: "The focus of the project is not only to deal with the menace of prostitutes soliciting on residential streets, but in particular the men who drive around the streets of Chapeltown approaching females.

"It is evident that a number of the culprits travel to Chapeltown from outside the county – in particular a number are from the North Yorkshire area including Harrogate, York and even as far away as Scarborough."

The vice team was set up following concerns from local residents. The year-long campaign involves a team of three plain clothes police officers, including a sergeant, targeting kerb crawling and prostitution in the Chapeltown area.

DCI Macnamara said: "Any men intent on coming to Chapeltown to seek the services of a prostitute can be sure that they will face arrest, legal action and any subsequent publicity."