Seat placed to remember valued Ramblers’ work

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A sturdy seat on the popular path from Burn Bridge to Almscliff Crag has been installed by Harrogate Group of the Ramblers’ Association in memory of four of its footpath workers.

The plaque on the seat says “Harrogate Group of Ramblers 2016. In appreciation of their work to improve local footpaths. Ken Fozard, Peter Goldsmith, Len Roberts, Rodney Waddilove.”

Ken Fozard was a footpath officer who spent many years checking the paths in and around Harrogate; Peter and Len were members of the Group’s footpath working party which repaired stiles and gates, constructed steps on slippery slopes and other useful path improvement work; Rodney was a footpath officer for many years and the securing of a right of way over the top of Great Whernside owes much to his efforts.

The commemorative seat is between Horn Bank Farm and North Rigton, thans to Guy Cowling of Horn Bank Farm.

Harrogate chairman, Richard Hersey said: “We are proud to erect this seat in memory of Ken, Peter, Len, and Rodney who contributed so much to the footpath work of the Ramblers.”