Ripon voters join panel of experts to debate referendum

Constituents from Skipton and Ripon attended the first of two constituency EU debates organised by Julian Smith MP on Thursday night.

Saturday, 4th June 2016, 10:00 am

People from across the area filled the Ripon Spa Hotel ballroom to hear the arguments for remaining in and leaving the EU from a panel of experts.

Former Skipton and Ripon MP John Watson OBE and Wall Street Journal commentator Simon Nixon took to the floor to argue the case for Britain remaining in the EU, while UKIP Thirsk and Malton Chairman Toby Horton and Alan Halsall of Vote Leave spoke in favour of leaving the EU. The panelists answered questions on a number of topics from farming and agriculture to business and the economy.

Mr Smith will be holding a further debate in Skipton tomorrow featuring agricultural expert, Professor Wyn Grant, and a head-to-head debate between Ken Clarke MP and Nigel Evans MP.

Mr Smith said the June 23 vote was crucial and added: “I would encourage anyone who is eligible to vote to make sure that they are registered to ensure they influence this historic decision for the UK.”