Ripon couple's Alice in Wonderland home on national TV

Angela and Andy Johnson at their Ripon home and holiday business.
Angela and Andy Johnson at their Ripon home and holiday business.

A Ripon couple's quirky log cabin starred in a TV reality show this week.

If you were watching To B&B The Best on Channel 5 on Tuesday you will have spotted Angela and Andy Johnson talking about their home and business by the riverside at the Ure.

Angela and Andy’s home has its own unusual features including Alpacas that graze on the banks of the river and tame turkeys that enjoy being patted like a dog.
Angela said: “We’ve created a fun family home here in Ripon over the years and now we want to share it with others."
They were filmed talking about the inspiration for the unusual holiday home - Ripon's links to Alice in Wonderland's creator, Lewis Carroll.
It's likely on his journey from the railway station that the famous author actually walked past Angela and Andy Johnson’s house when he was staying with his father, who was a residentiary canon of Ripon Cathedral for 16 years.
Lewis Carroll's connections with the area inspired Angela and Andy to create The Rabbit Hole, a quirky log cabin set in gardens where hidden sculptures and secret pathways recreate Alice’s imaginative journey through Wonderland.
Angela said: “Anyone walking around Ripon can spot tiny yet very significant signs that Lewis Carroll’s writing was influenced by his time in the city.
“He is thought to have written some of Through the Looking Glass when he was visiting his father between 1852 and 1868 and his daily route would have taken him right past our home, which was built in 1849."
“The choir stalls in the cathedral feature a range of fantastical carvings of animals including one of a griffon chasing a rabbit and another hiding in a hole."
TV producers at Channel 5 spent weeks filming Angela and Andy’s journey to create their fairytale getaway for the daytime show whixh aims to give both the homeowners filmed and the programme’s viewers some helpful tips and guidance on setting up a Bed and Breakfast.