Ripon councillors slam 'pig's ear' of plans for city's library

Ripon councillors have criticised proposed cuts to the city’s library during a meeting of the Full Council on Monday, November 9.

During the meeting, Julie Blaisdale Assistant Director, Library and Community Services at North Yorkshire County Council, showed the council a presentation of how the proposed cuts would affect the library and when they would be implemented.

However, councillors raised objections once again that the library was being downgraded to a ‘hybrid’ model despite it being so well used in the city.

Coun Mick Stanley (Cons), said: “You are asking us to make a silk purse out of a pig's earr.

“Only 26 of the 72 library card holders so the decision has been made by people who don’t have any idea why libraries are there.”

Ms Blaisdale explained that, when the changes are implemented by April 2017, the library could stay open longer as a result of the volunteers assistance.

However, councillors raised concern that volunteers would not have the same expertise or skills as trained librarians.

Coun Andrew Williams (Ind) said: “The best way forward is for volunteers to come forward and work with paid staff and be managed by them. I don’t feel this model works.”