Ripon Cathedral welcomes first mother and daughter volunteering duo

Barbara Dixon's Mother's Day wish has come true.
Barbara Dixon's Mother's Day wish has come true.

Ripon Cathedral has its first ever mother and daughter volunteering duo.

After 15 years of dedicated service, Barbara Dixon, 86, is delighted that her daughter has made her Mother’s Day wish come true - by joining her on a Saturday afternoon once a fortnight to volunteer.

Barbara helps out as a guide, and daughter Hilary Pickering started her post as a welcomer just before Mother’s Day.

Hilary said: ““My mother has kept telling me with a deep sigh how difficult it was to get other volunteers to join her on Saturdays. I know how much she enjoys being a guide so I decided to commit to joining her.

“Like her, I am very fond of the Cathedral and, as I am a people person, I was a teacher before I retired three years ago – I knew being a welcomer would be a perfect role for me.”

Barbara said: “I must say that Hilary can be a bit bossy at times but then she would say the same about me. It’s an inherited family trait.”

To volunteer at Ripon Cathedral, email, or ring 01765 603462.