Revealed: Harrogate is tough place to find parking spots

New data shows that the Harrogate is the hardest place to find a parking space in North Yorkshire and the seventh toughest in the entire Yorkshire and the Humber region.

Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 12:31 pm
Updated Wednesday, 28th November 2018, 12:35 pm
Parking - Is it really difficult in Harrogate or not?

Data compiled by GoCompare shows that, nationally, British drivers spend an average of four days a year looking for parking space.

By measuring the ratio of vehicles to parking space by geographical areas, it says it has also managed to determine which cities, boroughs and towns are the hardest to find a parking space.

When it burrowed down into the figures regionally, it found that in Harrogate there were an average of 44 vehicles to every parking space, making it the toughest place in the county.

Top 3 toughest cities to find a parking space in North Yorkshire1. Harrogate - 44 vehicles per parking space2. York - 183. Scarborough - 13

Top 15 places in Yorkshire and the Humber with the highest amount of vehicles per parking space on an average day

1. Wakefield - 156 vehicles per parking space2. Kirklees - 1373. Calderdale - 1064. Doncaster - 755. Sheffield - 586. North East Lincolnshire - 527. Harrogate - 448. Bradford - 409. Barnsley - 3610. Rotherham - 3311. Hull - 30.9712. Leeds - 30.8613. East Riding of Yorkshire - 3014. York - 1815. Scarborough - 13

Disability parking results - Good news for Harrogate

But Harrogate does score well in terms of disability parking.Harrogate is seventh on the list of towns and cities with the highest percentage of disabled parking spaces in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Top 10 places in Yorkshire and the Humber with the highest percentage of parking spaces for disability badge holders1. Wakefield - 20.2 % of parking spaces are reserved for disability badge holders2. Kirklees - 14.6%3. Bradford - 8.5%4. Doncaster - 6.8%5. North East Lincolnshire - 5.5%6. Rotherham - 5.4%7. Harrogate - 5.3 %8. Sheffield - 4.5%9. East Riding of Yorkshire - 4.48%10. Hull - 4.31%

More details are available at the GoCompare website.