Popular Boston Spa man dies in accident

A YOUNG Boston Spa man was tragically killed after he was in collision with a car while walking home after a night out last Sunday. David Poustie, 23, of Beeches End, had been out with friends in Wetherby and was walking home when he collided with a Citroen car around 11.40pm on the mile-long Walton Road.

Police and ambulance crews quickly attended and took him to Harrogate District Hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The driver of the Citroen escaped without serious injury and the road, which had been closed, was re-opened around 4.30am.

Following their tragic loss, the parents of David Poustie, Colin and Fiona, have paid a heart-felt tribute to their eldest son.

"He changed our lives from the minute he was born and he touched the lives of so many others," they said this week.

"He just lived for the moment and it was never a dull moment when he was around. He was so kind and caring and we will miss him terribly."

The popular young man, known to his friends as "D", leaves a younger sister, Lorna, 21 and a younger brother, Graeme, 16.

David's sister, Lorna, said her "lively" and "spontaneous" big brother had always been the instigator of many a joke in the family home.

"He had such a great sense of humour and he always had a big smile on his face. He just used to live for the moment and live life on the edge," she said.

"He was so kind and always so close to me and his younger brother. The three of us were like a triple act, always messing around doing stuff together.

"One thing I remember was when it was my 20th birthday and it had snowed and David wrote happy birthday in the snow. That was just how he was.

"He touched a lot more lives than I think I realised and my younger brother has lost his best friend."

David, a former Boston Spa School pupil, had an economics degree from Leeds Met University and had a number of interviews lined up for a financial industry-based job.

He had been doing volunteer work for Martin House Hospice in Clifford and he had many friends in and around Boston Spa and Leeds.

Music was a huge part of David's life and he owned five guitars which he would keep in his bedroom.

"He used to go to all sorts of gigs in Leeds and he always made sure he went to the Leeds Festival every year," said Lorna.

"He had the most wide-ranging music collecting I have ever seen and he used to be into all sorts because my mum went into his room once and he was listening to the bag pipes!"

"David was also into reading, particularly the classics, and he was very proud of his Scottish roots."

"My mum and dad are Scottish so David followed Dumbarton Football Team.

"Even though he wasn't really into football he always supported them and would see how they were doing.

"He was into everything, skating, rollar-blading you name it. All of us will miss him so much."