‘Welcome’ signs set for repairs

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Ripon city signs are to be restored by the end of June, Harrogate Borough Council has pledged.

Following a report in last week’s Gazette, the council has vowed to repair the ‘Welcome to Ripon’ signs within two months.

The council’s Head of Property and Economic Development John Hayton has written to Ripon resident and volunteer Trixie Slade and city mayor Coun David Elsy. His letter states that a surveyor will be scheduling works throughout May and all works should be completed by the end of June.

Last week Ms Slade contacted the Gazette to complain about the poor state of the signs, which she said were in dire need of urgent attention. Of the four placed around the city one was in a ditch, one had been graffitied, and two were shabby and falling to pieces.

City businessman and chairman of the Ripon and District Chamber of Trade Stephen Craggs shared her concerns. He said the shabby signs did the city a “disservice” by giving visitors a poor first impression of the city.

Ms Slade is a Ripon in Bloom volunteer and maintains the flower beds around two of the signs. She first wrote to Ripon City Council calling for their help in getting the signs restored and her letter was passed on to Harrogate Borough Council as the decorative wooden signs are their responsibility.