WATCH: Video shows next phase of Linton Bridge repairs

Flooding over the Christmas period last year has left the bridge too dangerous to use for months.
Flooding over the Christmas period last year has left the bridge too dangerous to use for months.

A new video showing the next stage of work on the Linton Bridge has been released alongside a timetable for an additional free shuttle service.

The Grade II-listed bridge, which carries residents of Linton and Collingham across the River Wharfe, has been closed since the Christmas floods damaged its structure.

Last month Leeds City Council approved spending up to £4.5 million for repair plans, supported by Historic England, which will keep the bridge’s original appearance.

The video shows the work, which has now started, to put a temporary support system in place making the bridge safe for the permanent repairs.

This phase shown in the video is expected to be complete by the end of October enabling engineers to start permanent repairs with the aim of completing the project by next summer.

Once the temporary support has been erected, engineers will install concrete piles and slabs within the bridge to restore its ability to accommodate vehicles and pedestrians again.

The final phase will see the damaged arches repaired, the parapets rebuilt and the footway and carriageway reconstructed.

In order to reduce the ongoing impact of the bridge closure, an additional free shuttle bus service has also been launched, running every Friday and Saturday night.

The service which is arranged by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) will run from the The Windmill Inn in Linton to Collingham via Wetherby.

Service times (Friday and Saturdays):

Linton, Windmill Inn

1900 1930 2000 2030 2100 2130 2200 2230 2300

Collingham, Harewood Road Linton Road

1912 1942 2012 2042 2112 2142 2212 2242 2312

Collingham, Harewood Road Linton Road

1915 1945 2015 2045 2115 2145 2215 2245

Linton, Windmill Inn

1927 1957 2027 2057 2127 2157 2227 2257

(Linton Bridge repairs video animation and images can be seen here - Leeds City Council website)