VIDEO: Bernard Bateman Chairman of North Yorkshire County Council

Ripon Coun Bernard Bateman is set to become Chairman of North Yorkshire County Council after todays election results.

Coun Bateman defended his seat gaining 658 votes to Independant Sid Hawkes 540.

UKIP placed third with Stephen Swindells gaining 529 votes.

Coun Bateman said: “My majority was done but then again we didn’t have UKIP four years ago, we’ve got UKIP this time and they’ve got quite a large chunk of the votes, 529, quite a lot.”

“Very pleased I have won it because I think I can deliver particularly with the Tour de France coming.”

In Ripon South Peter Horton Independant won with 599 votes to Conservative Stuart Martin’s 532.

Coun Bateman blames UKIP for this loss.

He said: “South Ripon was very very close, obviously UKIP made one hell of a difference again.

“I think the Conservatives probably would have won it if it wasn’t for UKIP.”

Bernard Bateman will become the Chairman of North Yorkshire Council after the Conservatives kept their majority, winning 45 out of a possible 72 seats across North Yorkshire.