The Italian Job - TA soldiers training

Territorial Army soldiers from Northallerton are among the first to deploy to Italy on a new training exercise with Italian forces.

The training will help prepare them for the changing nature of future conflicts as the Army looks to draw down its forces in Afghanistan.

The training exercise with the Italian Army, known as Exercise Roman Star, follows this month’s Government announcement on troop reductions and a greater reliance on Reserve soldiers to integrate with the regular Army.

Reservists from 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment (4YORKS) are the first to undertake the exercise.

Northallerton TA soldier Lance Corporal Tim Peacock, aged 22, runs his own window cleaning business and joined the Reserves four years ago.

“This has been a fantastic exercise and experience, while the climate and training area is perfect for current affairs.

“I’d always wanted to follow a military career but by the time I was 18 I had met my now fiancee Melanie and didn’t want to make that full time commitment. The TA is the perfect mix of my civilian life, where I have the freedom to do what I like, and the military side of things going away and doing the training.”