‘Pavement to nowhere’ resurfaced

The newly resurfaced stretch of pavement on Peckfield leading to bushes. (S)
The newly resurfaced stretch of pavement on Peckfield leading to bushes. (S)

A DECISION by the cash-strapped county council to resurface a footpath in Ripon which ends abruptly at some bushes has been branded a “complete waste of money”.

Coun Andrew Williams made the comments after finding out council contractors had carried out repairs and resurfacing to the pavement on Peckfield, off Harrogate Road near McDonalds, as part of a larger scheme of works.

The entrance to Peckfield. (S)

The entrance to Peckfield. (S)

“I think it’s a complete waste of money – there’s a song called ‘Road to Nowhere’, well it seems North Yorkshire County Council are on the pavement to nowhere,” he said.

“There are pavements on the Holmefield estate where kerbs are missing – if the council had money to spend it would be better spent on those than on a pavement that nobody will walk along.”

Although it is only a small stretch of footpath, Coun Williams said the county council should not be spending money pointlessly.

“Whether it cost tuppence or several hundreds of pounds, it is public money that is needlessly wasted and I take great exception to it when residents have to pay high levels of council tax – it’s no wonder they feel aggrieved and disgusted.”

A spokesman for the county council said the resurfacing was part of works to 6km (3.7 miles) of pavements in Ripon and Nidderdale.

“This process is regarded as preventative maintenance which, although not structural, will prolong the life of the existing footway by re-sealing its surface to prevent frost damage and providing an improved texture and shaping,” she said.

“With regards to Peckfield, this footway was included in our micro-asphalt programme as the path leads to a crossing for pedestrians.

“As part of these works, our partner contractors cut back overhanging vegetation which was obstructing a section of the footway and this ensured that pedestrians had the full use of the footway to enable them to walk to the crossing safely.”