Police’s fleet manager in USA to pass on efficiency advice

Richard Flint, North Yorkshire Police's head of transport. (S)
Richard Flint, North Yorkshire Police's head of transport. (S)

North Yorkshire Police’s expertise in fleet management is set to be highlighted in the United States of America.

Richard Flint, the force’s head of transport, has been invited to address 700 delegates at the North American Fleet Managers’ conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is taking place from August 13 - 16.

Mr Flint, who is also the chairman of the National Association of Police Fleet Managers, will give a presentation on his work which has improved efficiency and helped to reduce carbon emissions by switching to diesel vehicles across the North Yorkshire Police fleet. It is the first time a UK police fleet manager has been invited to attend or present at such an event.

Mr Flint said: “This is a unique opportunity to share best practice on a global scale and at the same time bring innovation and ideas back to the UK.

“We will use it to improve not only the North Yorkshire Police’s fleet management but that of the rest of the UK police forces.”

A regionalised vehicle purchasing agreement is set to save £1.25m over the next four years while a reduction in fuel consumption of 75,000 litres between January and August 2011 resulted in a saving of £84,000.

Further savings are being made by using recycled parts for vehicle repairs and a new pool car booking system has reduced hire car costs by £3,000 per month.

A new regional link up with other forces in the Yorkshire and Humber region is also set to save £7m over the next four years by sharing resources and services between the four regional forces.