Police chief hails success of non-emergency ‘101’ number

THE new non-emergency telephone number for North Yorkshire Police is proving a huge success just one month after it was launched.

The county’s Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick said since the nationwide roll out of the 101 number on December 13, more than half of the non-emergency calls made to his force were made using the three-digit code.

“We have seen a very good response from members of the public with a steady increase on a daily basis,” he said.

“It is an easy number to remember, making it easier for members of the public to contact us quickly without having to look us up in a phone book or on a website.

“We must stress, however, that 101 is not instead of 999 and you must still use 999 in an emergency or if your safety is threatened.”

Calls to the 101 number cost a fixed price – 15p – regardless of their duration and the time of day they are made.

With the previous 0845-number, which is being phased out in the coming weeks, call costs varied.

When callers telephone 101, a system determines their locations and plays a recorded message announcing to which police force they are being connected.

If a caller is on the border of two or more forces, the recorded message will give a choice of which force to contact.

For more information about 101, visit the website www.police.uk/101