2 industrial units (use classes B1,B2 and B8) and relocation of car parking at Canalside Charter Road for Canalside Developments Ltd.

5 dwellings, 3 detached garage block for Low Gables and formation of vehicular access (site area 0.4ha)(revised scheme) at Low Gables 30 lark Hill Crescent for NC Wilson Ltd.

Single storey rear conservatory extending 3.800 metres from the original rear wall and with a ridge height of 3.194 metres and an eaves height of 2.210 metres at 6 Quarry Road for Mr James Wood.

Two storey and single storey extensions and detached garage (revised scheme) at Oakleigh 23 College Road for Mr C Michael.

Change of use to allow mixed use retail (use class A1) and cafe (use class A3) at Delmas 23 Westgate for Mr Fran Taylor.

Listed building consent for conversion of offices to form 3 self contained residential apartments, partial retention of ground floor and retention of basement for commercial use (site area 0.04ha) at 8 High Skellgate for Mr Chris Wright.

Crown reducing of 3 yews within Ripon Conservation area at Sunnybank Place 28 Borrage Lane for Borrage Hall Management.


Chimney and installation of bio-mass boiler at Duffield Wood Yard Melmerby Green Lane for Duffield Timber.

Listed building consent for demolition of internal supporting wall to create open plan kitchen at Ivy House for Mrs R Brown.


Single and 2 storey extensions (revised scheme) at 9 St John’s Crescent for Messrs Morgan & Morrell.


Crown cleaning and crown re-shaping of 1 yew within Boroughbridge conservation area at Abbey House 33 New Row for Mrs G Williams.


Listed building application for new front gate and new curved stone wall at entrance 2, repositioning of stone wall at entrance 2 and formation of new entrance (entrance 3) at School House Moor Lane for Mr & Mrs Moody.


Pitched roof to replace existing flat roof to form additional living accommodation (revised scheme) at South Park Galphay Road for Mr M Smith.


Listed building consent for infill conservatory (revised scheme) at School House Moor Lane for Mr & Mrs N Moody.


Liste building consent to allow installation of fire detection system including smoke detectors at every entrance and heat detectors in kitchen at Middle Parks Farm Park Lane for Defence Infrastructure Organisation.


Listed building consent for piling works and crack and minor stone repairs to right hand gable wall at West Lodge Grantley Hall for Mr Alan Lord.


Crown reducing of 1 copper beech in the Masham conservation area at The Mill House Millgate for Mr P Lees.