Planning applications

The following were received by Harrogate Borough Council, week ending April 27.

Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 11:35 am
Updated Thursday, 3rd May 2018, 11:36 am
Planning applications


Application for the approval of details required under condition 3 (materials) of planning permission 17/03214/FUL - Extension of residential curtilage, demolition of outbuildings and erection of single storey extension, formation of hipped roof and stone cladding to external elevations at Hawkwell House, Bilton Lane, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Knight.

Application for approval of details required under condition 6 (affordable housing) of planning permission 14/00259/OUTMAJ - Outline planning application for the erection of 124 dwellings with associated open space, access and landscaping with access considered (site area 9.1ha) (resubmission) at land comprising field at 428435 454077 Crag Lane, Harrogate for K Malcolm.

Erection of single storey extension, installation of dormer window, alterations to fenestration and retrospective planning permission for the erection of a detached summer house at 10 Oakdale Manor, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Bonnar.

Application for non material amendment to allow front windows and balconies to be dark grey instead of white of planning permission 17/02393/FUL - Conversion of care home to form six flats; Extension of balcony; Alterations to fenestration; Formation of dormer window, a balcony, and smoke vent; Groundworks to provide access to cellar at Wells House, 30-32 Otley Road, Harrogate for Noted Property Limited.

Application for the approval of details required under condition 3 (materials) of planning permission 18/00466/FUL - Erection of single storey extension. Raising of roof. Alterations to fenestration. Alterations to boundary treatment at 6 Grange Avenue, Harrogate for R Milnes.

Erection of conservatory at 419 Skipton Road, Harrogate for S Johnson.

Erection of single storey rear extension. The proposed extension would extend 4 metres beyond an original rear wall, have a height to the eaves of 2.5 metres and a height to the ridge of 4 metres at 23 Spruisty Road, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Gibb.

Demolition of porch. Erection of single storey extension. Installation of dormer extension at 24 Hookstone Road, Harrogate for M Hassall.

Construction of two detached dwellings to replace a single detached dwelling. (revised scheme) at 2 Leadhall Road, Harrogate for J Clay.

Application for non-material amendment to allow changes to fenestration and internal layout of planning permission 18/00162/FUL - Conversion of attic to form additional living accommodation, installation of a dormer windows and four rooflights (revised scheme) at Deepdale, Slingsby Walk, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Oxley.

Application for variation of conditions 4 and 7 of planning permission 17/01577/FULMAJ to allow the pitches to be cultivated prior to submission of required details relating to the club house at land comprising field at 431173451999 Leeds Road, Pannal for Pannal Sports JFC.

Felling of three conifer trees (T1, T2 and T3), one maple (T7) and one prunus (T8). Crown reduction of one prunus (from 5m to 0.9m) (T4) and one apple tree (from 6m to 4m) (T9). Crown lift of one conifer (from 2.13m to 3.15m) (T5) and one cedar (2.44m to 3.15m) (T6) in Harrogate Conservation Area at 2 Cornwall Close, Harrogate for J Ward.

Felling of conifer tree within Harrogate Conservation Area at 6 Arthington Avenue, Harrogate for I Rowe.

Felling of one cherry tree within Harrogate Conservation Area at 30 Wheatlands Road East, Harrogate for Ms Holyoake.

Crown reduction (by 3m) of a cherry tree; Crown reduction (by 3m) of a lime tree within Harrogate Conservation Area at Grey Gables, 13 Cavendish Avenue, Harrogate for J Love.


Demolition of garage/outbuildings in Knaresborough Conservation Area at Raw Gap, Stables Cottage, High Street, Knaresborough for Network Rail (Infrastructure) Ltd.

Demolition of existing porch. Erection of one single-storey extension at Borrowdale, 24B Abbey Road, Knaresborough for R Kettlewell.

Application for the approval of details required under condition 3 (steel structure), condition 4 (technical specifications), condition 5 (structural works), condition 7 (windows) and condition 9 (recording) of planning permission 17/01780/LB - Listed building application for structural alterations and repair to include erection of walls, replacement floors and formation of fenestration at 46 Market Place, Knaresborough for S Sterne.

Erection of two storey extension; Demolition of conservatory; Alterations to fenestration at Faenor, 21 Appleby Gate, Knaresborough for S Barry.

Replacement of ground floor office fascia at Statistics For Industry Limited, 4 Victoria Avenue, Knaresborough for R Boddy.

Application for non-material amendment to allow for relocation of drainage outfall of permission 17/03502/REM - Reserved matters application under outline permission 16/04606/OUT for erection of four dwellings and associated garaging with appearance, landscaping, layout and scale considered at Throstle Nest Farm, Farnham Lane, Farnham for Generate Land Ltd.

Felling of four Hawthorn trees, two Cypress trees and a sycamore tree within Knaresborough Conservation Area at 12 Iles Lane, Knaresborough for Mr Vollans.

Crown reduction (by 1-2m) and crown lifting (by 5.2m) of within Whixley Conservation Area at Hambleton House, High Street, Whixley for Mr Coad.

Felling of a conifer tree within Goldsborough Conservation Area at The Lodge, Midgeley Lane, Goldsborough for V Barrett.


Erection of a single-storey extension. Formation of patio at Arundale, Hirst Lane, High Birstwith for Mr and Mrs Crowther.

Demolition of dwelling; Erection of dwelling at Pasture House, Back Road, High Birstwith for M Wood.

Demolition of single storey extension; Erection of single storey extension at Fringill Top Stumps Lane, Darley for N Rawswell.

Discharge of conditions 4 (stonework) and 5 (groundworks) of planning permission 17/01168/FUL - Conversion of barn to form dwelling, renovation of workshop, alterations to fenestration, erection of access gates and dry stone walling, formation of logstore, installation of package treatment plant and heat and power unit and regrading of ground levels at Park House, Lofthouse for Mr Wright.

Erection of steel portal frame cattle building at Cragg House Farm, Wilsill To Well House Farm, Wilsill for JH Swires.


Erection of single storey and first-floor extensions at 13 Bellman Walk, Ripon for P Vincent.

Erection of single storey extension and alterations to fenestration at 58 Hunters Row, Boroughbridge for D Wild.

Formation of hardstanding at Whitcliffe Hall, Whitcliffe Road to Whitcliffe Hall, Littlethorpe for C Britton.

Erection of a dwelling and associated carport at Spen House, Main Street, Minskip for G Wilson.

Outline application for the erection of five dwellings with access considered (revised scheme) at The Grange, Back Lane, Kirkby Malzeard for Mr and Mrs Thompson.

Erection of single storey extension, conversion of garage to provide additional living accommodation and demolition of conservatory at 7 Watermill Close, North Stainley for Mr Would and Ms Pegg.

Erection of first floor extension; Application of stonework cladding; Installation of porch canopy; Installation of three rooflights; Formation of fenestration at 7 Holmfield, Grewelthorpe for Mr and Mrs Clayton Moore.

Crown reduction (by 5m) and lateral reduction (by 4m) of one holly tree, lateral reduction (by 1-1.2m) of one holly tree, crown lift of one yew tree, lateral reduction of one holly tree, selective pruning of two cedar trees and selective pruning of one sycamore tree within Boroughbridge Conservation Area at The Coach House, Horsefair, Boroughbridge for J Lech.

Felling of one Norway spruce (T1). Crown reduction (by 1.5m) and lateral reduction (by 1m) of one pear tree (T2). Crown reduction (by 1.5m), lateral reduction (by 1m) and crown thinning (by 15 per cent) of two apple trees (T3 and T4) within Baldersby Conservation Area at Baldersby St James Church of England Primary School, Wide Howe Lane, Baldersby St James, Thirsk for N Slater.

Felling of two Catoneaster trees, five Holly trees and selective pruning of aHolly tree within Burton Leonard Conservation Area at Green Gables, Mill Lane, Burton Leonard for D Topping.