Planning applications

Planning applications
Planning applications

The following applications were received by Harrogate Borough Council’s planning department, week ending August 24.


Demolition of porch and erection of single storey extension at 40 Skipton Crescent, Harrogate for Mr W Charlton.

Demolition of existing extension and erection of single and two storey extension at 11 Knox Avenue, Harrogate for Mr R Nelson.

Erection of single and two storey extension, roof conversion including installation of a dormer, and alterations to fenestration at 19 Kirkham Road, Harrogate for Mr D Robinson.

Change of use application from shop (use class - A1) to cafe/restaurant (use class - A3); Formation of replacement shop front at 34 Parliament Street, Harrogate forAppletonEstates Ltd.

Subdivision of existing retail unit to form three units; Part change of use from retail (use class - A1) use to mixed retail/cafe (use class - A1/A3); Installation of replacement shopfronts; Formation of doorway at 33-37 Cambridge, Street Harrogate for Mills.

Display of one information board at Library Gardens, Victoria Avenue, Harrogate for Harrogate in Bloom.

Replacement of 86 single glazedwindows with double glazed windows, restoration of stone detailing, removal and replacement of roofing and removal of one chimney stack to the rear of the building at 1 Station Square, Harrogate for Sanctuary House.

Erection of one dwelling and gate; Conversion of and erection of singlestorey extension to the potting shed to form a summer house; Formation of access, parking and boundary treatment; Formation of hard and soft landscaping; Felling of three pear, three plum, one apple, one cherry laurel and one goat willow of Tree Preservation Orders 48/2015 G1 and G2; Pruning of one wild cherry, one hawthorn; one horse chestnut; one sycamore and four pear and apple within Harrogate Conservation Area at Old Swan Hotel, Swan Road, Harrogate for Mr Simon Hepden.

Felling of one horse chestnut tree within A1 of Tree Preservation Order 05/1985 at 11 Oakdale Manor, Harrogate for Mr Allinson.

Application for approval of details required under condition 21 (BREEAM) of planning permission 15/03984/FULMAJ - Substantial demolition of existing care home (retention of front and side elevations of central building) and erection of 86 bedroom care home with associated landscaping, access, and parking and works to trees within group G1 and G2 of Tree Preservation Order 57/2009 and further trees within Harrogate Conservation Area at The Manor House, 60 Cornwall Road, Harrogate for Hadrian Healthcare (NE) Ltd.

Erection of two storey and single storey extensions, formation of porch and alterations to fenestration at 1 St Nicholas Place, St Nicholas Road, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Butler.

Erection of ground and first floor extensions and alterations to fenestration at 43 Lancaster Park, Road Harrogate for Ms D Almeida.

Conversion of garage and erection of ground floor infill and first floor extensions at 10 Beckwith Road, Harrogate for Mr Tien Poon Su.

Retention of render wall finish at 4 Hill Rise Close, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Lloyd.

Demolition of existing bungalow and erection of replacement bungalow at1 Plompton Grove Harrogate for Mr R Tinson.

Erection of extension. The proposed extension would extend four metres beyond an original rear wall, would have a height of 3.99 metres to the ridge and a height of 2.8 metres to the eaves at 6 Malden Road, Harrogate for Mr N Radcliffe and Ms C Palmer.

Installation of 10 flag poles and flags and two hoarding signs to advertise upcoming residential development at Kingsley Farm, Unit 1 Kingsley Road, Harrogate for Stonebridge Homes.

Application for the approal of details required under condition 3 (materials) of planning permission 16/04576/FUL - Erection of single storey extension, formation of decking and alterations to fenestration (Revised scheme) at 1 Firs Close, Harrogate for Mr J Richards.

Formation of new access, installation of gates and trellis to existing fencing at 1 Firs Gate, Harrogate for Ms F Hannaby.

Application for a certificate of legality for a hip to gable roof extension and installation of dormer extension at 28 Beechwood Grove, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs S Parrish.

Crown lifting (by 5m) of three sycamore trees within group Tree Preservation Order 04/1981 at 11 Mill Gate, Harrogate for Mr T Howie.

Erection of extension to existing dormer and alterations to fenestration at 406 Bilton Lane, Harrogate for Mrs Walker.

Demolition of garage and link. Erection of two storey extension and raising of ridge height to allow addition of first floor accommodation, including installation of balcony at Glengonar, 21 Leadhall Road, Harrogate for Mrs S Thompson.

Felling of one horse chestnut and one Corsican pine of Tree Preservation Order 01/1970 at 7 Yew Tree Gardens, Harrogate for Mrs M Clark.

Non-material amendment to allow relocation of window, application of render and installation of sun pipe to roof of planning permission 18/00442/FUL - Erection of two storey extension at 23 Whinney Lane, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs D Adamson.

Erection of first floor extension; Installation of fenestration; Removal of chimney at 24 Yew Tree Lane, Harrogate for Mr P Kendrew.

Erection of conservatory at 8 Petty Whin Close, Harrogate for Mrs C Yates.

Erection of single storey extensions and demolition of existing conservatory at 43 Rossett Drive, Harrogate for Mr S Wightman.

Demolition of extension; Erection of single-storey extension at 75 Forest Lane, Harrogate for Mr Elliot Crawford.

Erection of conservatory at Stream Corner, 16 Park Edge, Harrogate for Mr Ji Xuhan.

Felling of one conifer tree within Harrogate Conservation Area at 1A St James Drive, Harrogate for Robert Burns.

Erection of extension single storey extension at 76 Wetherby Road, Harrogate, for Mr T Cash.

Demolition of existing garage, erection of new garage (revised scheme) at 30 South Drive, Harrogate for Mr A Mann.

Subdivision of existing flat to form two flats at 5 Royal Parade, Harrogate for Mr Mick Higginbottom.

Felling of one horse chestnut tree within Harrogate Conservation Area at Beechwood Court, Queens Road, Harrogate for Mr Taylor.

Installation of railings and gates; Alterations to boundary treatment; Landscaping at 47 Valley Drive, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Batchelor.

Erection of single storey extension at 12 Beechwood Crescent, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Grindrod.

Erection of first floor extension and alterations to fenestration (revised scheme) at New Grainbeck, 24 Moor Close, Killinghall for Mr and Mrs C Ingham.

Erection of single storey extension, first floor extension, front porch, detached garage, attic conversion and alterations to fenestrations at 58 Hollins Lane, Hampsthwait for Mr G Walsh.

Conversion of two barns to form two detached dwellings at Pott Bridge Farm, Beckwithshaw, Harrogate for Messrs S Liddle and Sons.


Installation of raised timber decking and the installation of new window at Lido Leisure Park, Wetherby Road, Knaresborough for Mr Frank Maguire.

Erection of garage and demolition of existing garage at 16 St Roberts Road, Knaresborough for Mr G Fairhurst.

Felling of one redwood of Tree Preservation Order 01/1959 A14 at Fawley, Ripley Road, Knaresborough for Mr K Linley.

Demolish existing rear extension and replace with new brick/block extension 3000mm from original external wall face and new tiled roof with tiles to match existing at 47 Charlton Drive, Knaresborough for Mr James Audsley-Beck.

Felling of one beech tree within A6 of Tree Preservation Order No 1/1959 at Kirkman Bank, High Bond End, Knaresborough for Mrs Su Beaudin.

Erection of single storey extension and alterations to fenestration at 5 Park Row, Knaresborough for Ms S Herne.

Demoltion of utility room; Erection of orangery (revised scheme) at The Rise, 25 Princess Avenue, Knaresborough for Mr and Mrs Hutchins.


Formation of new access point at New House Farm, Padside Harrogate for Mr D Stephenson.

Felling of two beech and one sycamore tree within Tree Preservation Order 01/1970 Land to the rear of The Green, Bewerley Park, Bewerley, Harrogate for Nidderdale Agricultural Society.

Erection of single storey extension at New House Farm, Padside, Harrogate for Mr D Stevenson.

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