Planning applications

Planning applications
Planning applications

The following planning applications were received by Harrogate Borough Council, week ending April 13.


Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Opinion for erection of upto 200 dwellings with associated works including access, landscaping, public open space and infrastructure at Land Comprising Field At 431853 456117 Kingsley Drive, Harrogate for Persimmon Homes Yorkshire.

Erection of single storey rear extension and conversion of loft including erection of side dormer extension at 64 Birstwith Road, Harrogate for A Woodhall.

Formation of escape window/lightwell to basement at the front of property at 48 Harlow Terrace, Harrogate for Mr Leek.

Application for non material amendment to allow alterations to windows and doors, rendering taken down to ground level and increase in size to utility room at 10 Harlow Oval, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Mantle.

Application for the approval of details required under condition 3 (materials) of planning permission 17/01843/FUL - Erection of single storey extensions and porch, conversion of loft to form additional living accommodation, replacement of render to elevations and roof tiles, alterations to fenestration, formation of hard standing, parking and extension to raised patio and demolition of existing extension at St Johns, 22A Duchy Road, Harrogate for A Precious.

Erection of single storey extension; Alterations to roof pitch; Alterations to fenestration; Lowering of parapet wall. (revised scheme) at Lynmoor, 24 Florence Road, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Corne.

Retrospective application for the Change of Use from office (Use Class B1) to wellness and gymnasium (Use Class D2) at Performax Gym, 52 Chatsworth Road, Harrogate for J O’Halloran.

Alterations to fenestration within Harrogate Conservation Area at 21 Westmoreland Street, Harrogate for M Sagheer.

Demolition of garage. Erection of twostorey wraparound extension. Erection of 2 single-storey extensions at 16 Wayside Close, Harrogate for R Thompson.

Retention of agricultural track at Belmont Farm, 193 Forest Lane, Harrogate for D Atkinson.

Erection of raised decking at 172 Forest Lane, Harrogate for I Holmes.

Erection of 1 dormer-extension. Alteration to fenestration at 57 Plompton Drive, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Eyre.

Erection of glazed structure with retractable awning at 11-13 Mount Parade, Harrogate for T Reynolds.

Application for the approval of details required under condition 3 (materials) of planning permission 17/04852/FUL - Erection of three number pantograph masts and associated electrical housings at Harrogate Bus Station, Station Parade, Harrogate for Transdev Blazefield Ltd.

Installation of replacement upvc windows at 1 Oak Terrace, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Duckett.

Installation of a new shopfront and fascia at 5 Beulah Street, Harrogate for P Coopland.

Demolition of existing garage and erection of 3 dwellings at 33A Franklin Road, Harrogate for Devonshire Square Properties Ltd.

Erection of two storey extension at Heycot, 10 Heywood Road, Harrogate for F Parker.

Erection of 1 single-storey wraparound extension. Formation of hardstanding. Formation of patio at 28 Almsford Drive, Harrogate for L Hunt.

Erection of 1 two-storey extension. Alteration to fenestration at 24 Yew Tree Lane, Harrogate for P Kendrew.

Erection of single storey extension. Installation of second floor dormer extension at 2 Craig View Ash View To Craig View, Harrogate for D Digpal.

Erection of 2 two storey extensions; Demolition of conservatory; Alterations to fenestration; Alterations to materials at 12 Leadhall Road, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Procter.

Application for certificate of lawfulness for the erection of single storey extension at 27 Rowan Close, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs West.

Application for the variation of condition 2 (drawings) of planning permission 17/04310/FUL to allow changes to the design of the porch at 48 Kingsley Road, Harrogate for S Barnett.

Change of Use of basement into residential annexe/holiday let at Flat 2, 14 Park Avenue, Harrogate for M Thoma.

Erection of 1 2 storey storage building at Fairview Barn, Brackenthwaite Lane, Pannal for Mr and Mrs Turner.

Erection of replacement conservatory at Saddlers Barn, 6 Chantry Court, Ripley for A Fogg.

Erection of single storey extension; Formation of vehicle access at 5 Town Hall Cottages, Weighbridge Cottage Main Street, Ripley for T McGrath.


Application for approval of details required under conditions 6 (Acoustic & odour surveys), 7 (Sewer & drainage matters), 10 (Highway matters), 13 (Highway matters), 14 (Highway matters), 15 (Highway matters), 16 (Site investigation), 18 (Contamination assessment), 20 (Surfacing materials) and 21 (Boundary wall) of permission 17/03416/DVCON at Meadley Square, Whiteley Yard, Knaresborough for Nu-Space Ltd.

Demolition of single storey extension; Erection of single storey extension at 2 Stockwell Road, Knaresborough for A Burnside.

Demolition of conservatory and erection of sunroom at 12 Princess Mount, Knaresborough for Mr and Mrs Cartwright.

Demolition of existing porch and attached garage. Erection of 1 two storey extension and 1 one storey extension. Formation of porch at 5 Grimbald Road, Knaresborough for Mrs Gilyard.

Erection of single storey extension at Scriven Park, High Bond End, Knaresborough for Mrs Skrentny.

Variation of condition 2 (approved plans) of planning permission 16/04810/FUL to allow for changes to site layout at Rockville House, New Road, Scotton for V & A Homes (Yorkshire) Ltd.


Deletion of condition 10 (boundary hedge) of planning permission 05/01177/FUL - Conversion of public house to form 2 dwellings, community hall and children’s nursery; erection of 7 dwellings with associated garaging and new vehicular

access; change of use of agricultural land opposite to form car park and playing field including the felling of 2 TPO’d trees (Residential site area 0.283 ha) at 4 The Wynd, Burnt Yates for A Cadwallader.

Formation of menage/all weather surface with field gate access from existing yard at Manor House Farm, Spinner Lane, Clint for M Gulwell.

Application for approval of details required under condition 5 (surface water treatment) 7 (Ecological survey) 13 (paving details) 14 (wheel washing facilities) of permission 16/02767/OUT - Outline application for erection of 2 Dwellings with all matters reserved (Site Area 0.36ha) at Southfield Farm, Darley for A Clarke.

Application for part approval of details required under conditions 6 & 8 (Highways) and full approval of details under conditions 9 and 11 (Highways) of planning permission 16/01705/FULMAJ - Erection of 9 dwellings (Site Area 0.66 ha) at Land Comprising Field At 421065 459328 Stumps Lane, Darley for Yorplace Ltd.

Retention of stables and hardstanding at Tewit Farm, Duck Street Lane, Greenhow Hill for Mr Pearson.

Erection of 1 detached bungalow at Land Adjacent To 8 High Street, Hampsthwaite for Messrs T & J Backhouse.

Conversion of 2 dwellings to form 3 apartments and 1 dwelling to include erection of two storey and first floor extensions, alterations to fenestration and demolition of conservatory at Chews Cottage, Old Church Lane, Pateley Bridge for R Fallon.

Application for the approval of details required under condition 3 (rooflights) of planning permission 16/01939/FUL - Proposed conversion of redundant stable block to form a dwelling and detached garden store (revised scheme) at Gouthwaite Lodge, Pateley Bridge for K Lambert.


Listed building application for alterations to Coach House, including demolition of piecemeal extensions, installation of carport with balcony and balustrade above, formation of new dormer extension, installation of 1.6m gates and piers to the existing wall, installation of garden wall, alterations to fenestration, lowering of ground levels, formation of ramp and internal alterations at West Grange, 7 Kirkby Road, Ripon for Mr and Mrs Furse.

Erection of 1 dwelling (amendment to application Ref 15/02565/FUL) at Corner Farm, Copt Hewick for Mr and Mrs Dutton.

Listed building consent for the restoration of bridge at Grantley Hall, Stephenson Bridge To Grantley Hall And West Lodge, Grantley for Grantley Hall Ltd.

Variation of Section 106 Agreement relating to Permission No. 09/00523/FUL to allow payment of commuted sum in lieu of affordable housing provision at Long Meadows, Littlethorpe Lane, Littlethorpe for Mrs Nicholson.

Non-material amendment to allow a window to be changed to french doors and a juliet balcony of planning permission 17/00608/FUL at Broom Farm, Wincup 
Lane, Boroughbridge for S Burton.

Demolition of existing house and erection of replacement dwelling. Conversion of cowshed to holiday cottage, including erection of two storey extension and alterations to access at Westowe Cottage, Missies Lane, Galphay for P Watson.

Demolition of conservatory. Erection of 1 two-storey extension. Alteration to fenestration at 21 Orchard Close, Sharow for B Burnett.