THE following planning applications have been submitted to Harrogate Borough Council:


l Single storey side extension, rear conservatory and first floor rear extension (revised scheme) at 61 St Johns Crescent, Harrogate for Mr C Simmons.

l Detached clubhouse and installation of package treatment plant at Valley Club, Bilton Lane, Harrogate, for Valley Club.

l Rear dormer window extension at 27 Chelmsford Road, Harrogate for Mr A Barker.

l Installation of two ATM’s to front elevation at J Sainsbury, Wetherby Road, Harrogate, for Sainsbury’s Supermarket.

l Conversion of chicken rearing sheds to form 16 industrial units, erection of detached toilet block and installation of package treatment plant at Levens Farm, Lund Lane, Killinghall, Harrogate for Chelwood Farms Ltd.

l Display of three externally illuminated projecting signs at Harrogate Fireplace, Co 38-42 Kings Road, Harrogate for Brio (Restaurants) HGTE LTD.

l Demolition of existing building and erection of detached three storey office block with ground floor parking at Morfitts Building, John Street, Harrogate, for Heathermark Holdings.

l Application for the continuation of consumption of food and drink and the placing of six tables and 23 chairs with enclosure barrier on the footway at Rat and Parrot, 10-11 Prospect Place, Harrogate, for Spirit Group.

l Conservation area application for the demolition of detached building at Morfitts Building, John Street, Harrogate, for Heathermark Holdings.

l Conversion of part of ground floor flat and basement to form additional flat (site area 0.06 ha) at 4 Windsor Court, Prince of Wales Mansions, York Place, Harrogate, for Mr and Mrs Rossiter.

l Formation of new shop front at Original Shoe Co 27-31 Cambridge Street, Harrogate, for Original Shoe Co.

l Installation of internal french doors into rear garden room at 3 Albert Terrace, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs B Toulson.

l Additional storey to form four flats (site area 0.05 ha) at Harrogate Fireplace Co 38-42 Kings Road, Harrogate for Zocca Holdings Ltd.

l Crown clean, thin and reduction of sycamore tree T1 of provisional Tree Preservation Order 29/2006 at 10B Oakdale, Harrogate, for Mr and Mrs Ronson.

l Two-storey side and single-storey rear extension (revised scheme) at 1 Spruisty Road, Harrogate, for Mr G Cook.

l Two-storey side and first floor rear extension with balcony at 57 Knox Lane, Harrogate, for Miss B Henderson.

l Single-storey side extension at The Crest Nursing Home, 32 Rutland Drive, Harrogate, for BUPA Care Services.

l Reduction of one horse chestnut tree and pruning of various trees, including one holly tree, one laurel tree, one beech and one leylandii within the Harrogate Conservation Area at 122B Duchy Road, Harrogate for Dennis Pilling.

l Felling of one conifer tree and one willow tree within Harrogate Conservation Area at 24 Westcliffe Grove, Harrogate for Mrs J Craven.

l Installation of replacement window to side elevation at Flat 3 Apple Court, Wood View, Harrogate, for Isabel Smith.

l Replacement rear conservatory at 7 Long Acre Walk, Pannal, Harrogate, for Mr and Mrs Jonsen.

l Felling of one ash tree and reduction of one hawthorn in Harrogate Conservation Area at 9 Leadhall Crescent, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs C J Tweedie.

l Trimming of two horse chestnut trees within Area A1 of Tree Preservation Order 23/1990 at land to rear of 9 Leadhall Crescent, Harrogate, for Mr and Mrs C J Tweedie.

l Two-storey and single-storey side extension at 14 Ash Road, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Malone.

l Crown reduction of two crab apple trees, one copper beech, one birch and two prunus trees and remove eppicormics from one prunus tree at 3 Park Avenue, Harrogate for Chris Robertson.

l Pedestrian footbridge at Hornbeam Railway Station, Harrogate, for Harrogate Borough Council.

l Crown clean and lift of seven pine trees, two elm trees and one acer tree, and pruning of three maple trees, one silver birch tree and one prunus cerasifera tree within the Harrogate Conservation Area at Tewit Well Court, 7 Leeds Road, Harrogate, for Tewit Well Court Management.

l Felling of two conifer trees and one ash tree and pruning of one laburnum, holly and prunus tree within Harrogate Conservation Area at 11 Hornbeam Crescent, Harrogate for Mrs Joanne Holey.

Single-storey extension and change of use of first floor to form extension to childrens nursery (USE Class D! - Non Residential Institution) (Revised Scheme) at Rigg Farm, Beckwithshaw, Harrogate for Ms T Micallef.

l Two-storey side extension at 14 Kirkham Place, Harrogate for Mr S Murray.

Pateley Bridge

l Single-storey front extension at 2 and 3 Woodside Cottages, Back Road, High Birstwith, Harrogate for Mr and Mrs Lilley (No. 2).

l Single-storey rear extension at Field House Farm, Kettlesing, Harrogate for Mr M Hollingworth.

l Environmental impact screening opinion for conversion and extensions to form medium secure hospital unit, with the erection of 5.2m and 3m fencing, formation of car parking spaces, and various hard and soft landscaping at HMS Forest Moor, Menwith Hill Road, Darley, Harrogate, for The Graham Bolton Planning Partnership Ltd.

l FPR - Felling Licence Felling of 1.26 hectares of coniferous trees at woodland at the Middlesmoor Estate, Harrogate, for C/O FA.

l Conversion of attached store to form granny annexe at The Chapel Bar, Bratt Lane, Norwood, Harrogate, for Mr and Mrs C Elam.