THIS week's Picture from the Past shows class 1A at Knaresborough Secondary Modern School in the summer of 1966, when the pupils were 12.

On July 22 the Knaresborough Post printed a letter from Mr Roger Outing who, with Mr Andrew Eastwood, is hoping to organise a reunion of pupils who left the school between 1969-1970.

The reunion will take place at a local venue yet to be decided on Saturday, September 17.

This photograph was brought in by Mr Eastwood.

Do you recognise any of these faces? If you are one of them and still living locally or know someone who has left the area and might be interested in the reunion, please e-mail Roger Outing on rco@sunshineuk.fsnet.co.uk leaving your name and contact details.

If unable to e-mail you can leave your details in an envelope marked for Roger Outing at the office of the Knaresborough Post, 90, High Street. Partners are welcome at the event.