Wait is over as iconic Peter Peacock spotted again in Bilton

Peter Peacock - image by Harrogate Police (s)
Peter Peacock - image by Harrogate Police (s)

Residents have waited patiently and it's been a long time coming but the town's most iconic landmark has been caught on camera once again.

Whilst many would argue Bettys Tea Rooms or Valley Gardens is Harrogate's best encapsulates Harrogate, others would hand that title to a celebrity peacock.

The beautiful bright blue was first spotted in 'poets corner' of Bilton in June 2010 and was later handed the nickname Peter by Advertiser readers.

Despite a flurry of sightings, Peter was last caught on camera in 2014 with Sergeant Ed Rogerson of Harrogate Police even inquiring about his disappearance in October 2015.

But our fears were put to bed this morning, May 23, when Harrogate Police's Twitter account tweeted a picture of Peter relaxing in the front garden of a Fieldway home.

Peter's daredevil antics, including chasing buses around Bilton, had led to some residents' fears that he had met an unhappy end.

However, it seems as if Peter isn't planning on going anywhere just yet, to the delight of residents in Bilton as well as Harrogate and the world over.

Glad to have you back Peter.