Update on Harrogate's Steam Trader Cook shop - no closure

It seems the news is more positive than expected on Steamer Trading Cook Shop in Harrogate.

Friday, 31st May 2019, 2:27 pm
Yet another shop with a 'closing down' sign in Harrogate.

Despite the 'closing down' signs in the Harrogate store is not closing down but is instead about to be rebranded by its parent company, ProCook.

The shop, which sells a wide range of high-quality cooking appliances, baking utensils, coffee makers, mixers and more, is located at 7-11 Princes Street.

The changes are part of ProCook’s high street expansion after it took Steamer Trading out of administration in January .

It has now decided to close down the business but will be rebranding 13 of the Steamer Trading stores, including Harrogate's.

Staff at the 13 stores will be become part of ProCook.

The other eight Steamer Trading stores will close down with 34 staff members affected.