Ripon company's big role in Glastonbury this year

Andrew Bishop.
Andrew Bishop.

A Ripon-based company is playing an important role in Glastonbury this year.

PA company BishopSound's speakers will be used exclusively on a new stage being run by the long-established Glastonbury suppliers, Bristol based A1 Entertainments.

For the brand-new stage, which will be used to host up-and-coming DJs, BishopSound has supplied four Beta BB118 enclosures and four Beta BB215s. The BB118 is a passive sub-woofer particularly popular with DJs.

Andrew Bishop said: "We're thrilled and delighted to be bringing a uniquely British sound back to Glastonbury this year. It's a great step forward for us as a company and shows the confidence that customers have when they have experienced BishopSound speakers' reliability and sound quality.

"They know they can trust us with a brand-new stage at one of the world's premier live events."