Ridley Scott shows interest in Harrogate filmmaker’s low budget movie

The poster for Velton Lishkes new action thriller Double 7-6.
The poster for Velton Lishkes new action thriller Double 7-6.

A Harrogate filmmaker says he’s been stunned to receive support from world famous movie director Ridley Scott for his latest low budget production.

Experienced actor-turned-director Velton Lishke, who lives in the Harlow area, launched a crowd funding campaign to raise the final part of the modest budget to complete his new movie Double 7-6.

Harrogate filmmaker and actor Velton Lishke.

Harrogate filmmaker and actor Velton Lishke.

An action thriller shot in Liverpool and Harrogate, its production costs of £1,000 are slightly smaller than those the director of Blade Runner and Alien is accustomed to.

But, to the multi-talented Velton’s surprise, Ridley Scott picked up on his appeal for funds via Facebook.

Velton said: “It’s pretty amazing to see my tiny film being recognised by one of Hollywood’s greats. To get any sort of contribution from the great Ridley Scott, no matter how small, is unbelievable.”

Velton has also been working recently on an environmentally-conscious horror movie with York-based writer/director Dave Thorp.

Velton, who used to work at Harrogate International Centre, said the cast of 2 Miles Under found themselves colliding with real life at one point.

“On the day we filmed the protesters scene, dozens of real anti-fracking activists turned up on location near Rufforth to check us out. Fortunately, they liked what we were doing and offered to take part in the film.”

Velton said Harrogate had more movie talent than people might think.

““I want people to recognise the opportunities available in Harrogate, both as a location and as a pool of amazinf creative resources.”