Pets allowed: Polling day facts

A dog waits for its owner outside a polling booth
A dog waits for its owner outside a polling booth

The polls are now open and voters across Harrogate have until 10pm to decide who they want to be their next MP.

The Parliamentary count will take place at Harrogate International Centre.

Returning officer Wallace Sampson is expected to announce the result between 2-3am.


If you haven’t registered to vote (including by post or proxy - except an emergency proxy, see below), it’s too late. Check to see if you are registered at

You should have received a polling card with your details, polling number and your polling station location.

You don’t need the polling card when you vote, they will ask for your name and address to check you are registered.

Polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm.

Find your polling station using your postcode at the About My Vote website.

You can take your pet with you.​


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