Mystery of ghostly happenings at old Harrogate pub

The Alexandra pub in Harrogate.
The Alexandra pub in Harrogate.

Forget Hallowe'en fancy dress parties, when it comes to genuine horror stories and really scary ghostly goings-on, the local experts are Harrogate Paranormal Society.

And they showed some real 'spirit' in their latest investigation - the Alexandra Pub in Harrogate.

The dead-of-night visit threw up a few unusual findings as the team deployed recording equipment, EMF Meters, Full Spectrum cameras and more at one of Harrogate's oldest buildings.

Susan Harker of Harrogate Paranormal Society said: "We were only there for a short investigation from around 1.15am to 2.45am as the poor staff needed some sleep.

"Two members of the team were in an upstairs room and asked for something to make itself known if there was anyone there.

"Sure enough, a loud sound like something being moved, or thrown, sounded behind them inside the room.

"There was also high EMF (electro magnetic field) activity, which cannot be explained as there is not electricity in that part of the building."

Most of what the paranormal experts detected happened in the upstairs part of the pub which was part of a hotel but is now derelict.

Ghostly mewings from what may have been long-gone cats were also recorded.

Previous ghost hunts by Harrogate Paranormal Society include an overnight stay to conduct paranormal investigations of Harrogate Theatre in search of the ghost 'Alice' and the Hales Bar, Harrogate's oldest bar.

No 'scaredy cats', following their Alexandra mission, the next destination for the team was a haunted house in De Grey Street in Hull.

It's said to be the home of child spirits who were abused and killed there and, reportedly, still remain there to this day.