Harrogate gets new bus service

New Harrogate bus service - The 825 Brimham Explorer.
New Harrogate bus service - The 825 Brimham Explorer.

A new Harrogate bus has been launched to improve access to some of the area's greatest beauty spots.

And the new service should be of particular benefit to people with mobility problems - and tourists - who previously had difficulties getting to the famous location.
The 825 Brimham Explorer now provides the only public transportation to Brimham Rocks with a new direct service from Harrogate to Fountains Abbey from Harrogate.
Up to now, the closest public transportation could get you to Brimham Rocks was in Summerbridge, two miles away up a twisting, steep road with no pavements.
The bus, which runs every Sunday, creates access to these special places in our area for those without a car, or those unable to drive, for reasons such as age or disability.
As part of this bus service, the Friends of the Dales Bus, along with the National Trust, is sponsoring a series of free walks to help people explore the areas by bus.
The Friends of the Dales Bus is offering an easy, circular walk starting at Fountains Abbey, through the surrounding countryside with views of the Abbey, visiting the Seven Bridges and lakeside.
The National Trust is also offering a more challenging bus walk.
Participants can step back in time and journey along the 7.5 mile historic Monk's Way between Fountains Abbey and Brimham Rocks.
Both walks are open to the public and will be led by knowledgeable volunteers.